I’m capable of producing and managing an entire multimedia production because I’ve taught myself how to build basic websites (still working on some coding), and I have all the skills necessary to add all the details like photos, articles, social media, etc. I’ve overseen many multimedia projects and ran numerous websites for organizations. My attention to detail and design I believe has helped me along the way.

OSU Insider | 2010 | OSU | An award-winning multimedia presentation on spot news coverage for OSU’s Student Media Challenge. Our presentation took first. Includes video production, audio package, written articles, slide show of event photos, and social media all presented together on a WordPress site. My contributions were photographing the event, writing the news article, putting together the website (writing content, adding media, design), and integrating social media into the final presentation.

Bridging the Gap | 2009 | OSU | A class project that touches on bridging the gap between senior citizens and technology. Includes a video production, blog entries, resources, and a survey presented on a website I designed using My contributions included interviewing local senior citizen centers, conducting video interviews, editing content for video production, contribution to our blog, designed and managed content to the website.


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