Social media work found me when I first stepped into my position as a marketing and advertising intern for Limelight Department. I helped Limelight brand themselves in the world of social media by researching and designing their accounts for networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Sphinn, and others. Since then I’ve been a resource for advice and strategy with businesses I’ve interned and worked for. I’ve done everything from run social media accounts for clients, teach clients how to use social media, and overall, I’ve helped people understand what it is and how it can benefit them and their business.

As most know new media is continuously “upgrading” and with that I’m continuously trying new apps and social networks. Lately I’ve been diving in and showing my clients how to benefit from Foursquare and other location-based apps. As well pointing out how to manage and track online reviews.

Below are a few examples of my work in social media.

Created Limelight’s LinkedIn page to give them a presence and voice in the business focused network.
Re-designed Limelight’s presence on Facebook, and helped clients learn about branding on Facebook.
I tweeted Limelight’s first tweets for the company as an intern.
As a marketing intern for Limelight I kept clients, and community, informed of what the company was up, and added useful marketing tips, on a blog I started.
Started the CSC’s twitter account, allowing the center to connect with other community members and spread the word of service opportunities.
Created a new Facebook page for the OSU Community Service Center. One that could be more engaging, and helpful for the community we were trying to reach, as well the employees running the center for years to come.
I started the OSU Community Service Center blog to share with people news, events, and opportunities our community could participate in and support.
As a content writer for brass|Magazine I wrote on a weekly basis for brass’s blog.
Helped implement brass’s first multi-person run twitter account. Engaged followers, and tweeted about all things money, and lifestyle.
Blogged daily for All By Students as a Oregon State University student representative.
Created OSU’s News & Research Communications (PR Department) first twitter account, and helped the department understand it’s usefulness, how to use it, and how to engage multiple audiences.
My blog on new media, journalism, and communication.
I network with other professionals and interesting people, and stay up on breaking news through Twitter.
Created my client – Josie’s On Broadway – Facebook page, and am using the page as well helping them understand how to use it beneficially to interact and reach their market.
I’ve worked with Waxer’s Surf Shop to help them gain the full benefits of using social media as free advertising and a way to reach potential customers. I re-designed their page, increased the amount of their fans by 50% in less than a few weeks, and began posting photos to help increase fan engagement.
Working with Sharkbite’s Cafe I’ve helped them better use their Facebook page to attract attention from customers and fill seats in the restaurant.

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