As a born and raised Oregonian I have a great appreciation for the outdoors and community. Never will I turn down the chance to try something new. I’m obsessed with learning and culture, and always have coffee and a camera in hand. I have an inquisitive nature and am always looking for opportunities to travel, explore, and give.


My experiences are as diverse as my skills and interests. I’ve worked in politics and advocacy, marketing and advertising, non-profit affairs, managerial positions, coaching roles, and many areas of media communications related to journalism and public relations. In the past year I traveled the United States on a social justice bus tour as the PR coordinator, was the field director for a statewide political campaign (that won), wrote an awesome series of articles about awesome people for Idealist.org, helped a friend get her nonprofit up and running, and waited on more than a few tables.

As a graduate of Oregon State University I hold a degree in new media communications. My studies also emphasized international relations and political science.

I pride myself on my quick ability–and want–to adapt and learn, and gladly accept change.

I’m a very driven and passionate person who’s taken a strong interest in helping the world be a more caring and lovable place. Whether I’m helping make a difference through my storytelling, advocacy roles, or by simply volunteering, I want to be making a positive change in the world around me. Ideally I’m aiming to be a great storyteller, champion for the voiceless, and to connect, engage, and empower people.